Health Through Peace Cornwall

Medact believes that health professionals have an important role to play in working towards peace and a more sustainable idea of security. In November 2015, we ran the ‘Health Through Peace’ conference which saw 700 members of the health community come together to discuss the impact of war, violence and militarism on health. Since then, a growing group of health students and professionals have been taking forward the energy and vision of this conference, campaigning on issues from refugee rights and healthcare, to nuclear weapons and the arms trade. We want to engage with members of the health community alongside peace and social activists across the UK, to discuss how we can build and strengthen the health through peace movement over the coming months and years. We need to harness our collective skills and energy, and work together to be effective drivers of a strong and sustainable movement for peace. At the Health Through Peace Workshop in Truro on May 14, 2016 we will be discussing how we can build a progressive movement for peace in the health community there. All are welcome – join us to plan how we can work together towards a more peaceful, healthier world. Register your place here! Facilitated by Medact, and Helen Tanner Training and Consultancy.