Health blocs @ Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Nov 6 - Health Bloc @ GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE. Illustrated hands hold up placards reading 'Health justice means climate justice'. The background image is a projection of a health worker on a large building near a hospital - the person in the projection holds a placard reading 'Health workers march on 6 November'

From climate to COVID-19, we are living through a period of multiple breaking points. We know that these crises not only overlap, but share the same causes.

While no one can escape the impacts of these crises, those who have done the least to cause them suffer the most. Whether it’s the toxic air choking our towns and cities, flooded coastal areas, oil spills, or extreme storms and hot weather, environmental collapse is deepening health inequality, condemning everyone but the very wealthy and privileged to a lifetime of health risks.

On Saturday 6th November, as world leaders negotiate the global response to climate change at COP26 in Glasgow, people all over the world will take to the streets to demand climate justice. In the UK, marches are already being planned in: Glasgow, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Plymouth, Northampton, Bristol and Brighton.

Health workers and students will be joining the marches for climate justice on 6th November, raising the banner for health justice as a ‘health bloc’! Sign-up now and join your local health bloc on the day!

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