Health Action for the Green New Deal Bill

What’s happening?

This Autumn, the Decarbonisation and Economic Strategy Bill (otherwise known as the Green New Deal Bill) returns to Parliament. The Bill aims to end licensing for new fossil fuel projects, promote the rapid decarbonisation of our economy, support healthy food systems, safeguard natural habitats, restore biodiversity and tackle inequality, all the while investing in millions of good quality green jobs!

The Bill presents a unique opportunity for the promotion of both public and planetary health ─ one in which the health community has a crucial role to play. The changes we’re calling for are not small. To win, we need to build public support to put pressure on MPs to do the right thing.

What will the action involve?

This action will involve setting up a local ‘Climate Clinic’ to engage the public on the health impacts of the climate crisis and encourage them to take action by signing a postcard to their MP asking that they support the Green New Deal Bill.

We’re encouraging groups to run their Climate Clinics on either Saturday 25th September or Saturday 2nd October – but if this isn’t possible for you/your group, please do still sign up, it’ll be okay to run it on another day that suits you.

We’ve produced an action guide that explains the step-by-step process of how to set up your own Climate Clinic. Additionally, we will be running training calls on 13th and 27th September going over the process of setting up a Climate Clinic and how to have persuasive conversations with members of the public.

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