East London People’s Health Assembly

The London People’s Health Movement (PHM), in collaboration with local organisations including Keep Our NHS Public, Docs not Cops, Social Action for Health, Medact and Queen Mary’s University , is organising a three-day People’s Health Assembly in East London in October 2016. This event will follow the tradition of the global PHM in working closely with local organisations, building on local knowledge and strengthening local networks in the continuing struggle for equity and the right to health.

Why attend this event

Recent political events have laid bare the divisions that run through our society. While our leaders are deserting us, newly politicised people seek to forge a new path. But what form will this change take? For over five years, the public sector has been struggling under austerity measures, and poverty is on the rise. The People’s Health Assembly will look at the fractures within our community, how they affect health, and how people are mobilising to fight back and ensure better physical and mental health outcomes. The assembly is being held in East London and aims to be inclusive, community-led and address local concerns.


The Assembly will explore some of the most critical local concerns: – The NHS: what are the current challenges to providing universal healthcare, free at the point of use? – Housing: what are the impacts of gentrification on wellbeing? How is your community resisting rent hikes and eviction? – Migrants: how have xenophobia and the recent rise in hate crimes affected your community? How has migration enriched East London?Please get in touch if you would like to participate!

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