Medact Birmingham: Druids Heath Community Meeting & Social

This meeting is open to all of the community and stakeholders alike, including Medact and our members in Birmingham. Residents have invited the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Mayor Andy Street and Labour MP Steve McCabe to attend.

This is an excellent opportunity for Medact members to meet the community campaigners and organisers, and discuss how we can effectively support their campaigning efforts.

Have a look at our project proposal ‘A People’s Health Plan for Druids Heath’, which will be discussed during the meeting.

The agenda is as follows: build first, clearance, right to return, community planning, public health campaigning angle (which Medact will be facilitating), levelling up and the formal complaint feedback from Birmingham City Council.

The meeting will be followed by a social (more details to follow) and we really encourage you to attend! Questions? Email EJ&H campaign lead Jordi at [email protected]. You can also join the Medact Birmingham WhatsApp group to connect with other members in the locality.