The challenges of child refugee health: everyone’s responsibility

We invite you to join Dr. David McCoy and colleagues for this special multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral event on child refugee health. The event, organised by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, is aimed not only at informing health practitioners about the migration crisis but also aimed at equipping them to be able to respond through their work in the clinic service improvement and advocacy.

Speakers include experts in the field, prominent clinicians, as well as BBC journalist Emma Jane Kirby and Lord Alfred Dubs.

Workshops: When you register you are able to select an option of your preferred two workshops. The workshops are as follows:

A. Identification of and dealing with female genital mutilation in children.
B. Effects of migration on child health and development.
C. The mental health impacts of the journey of the child migrant.
D. A primer on infectious diseases in child migrants.

Click here for agenda and to register.