‘The Suspect’ Author Talk: Mental Health, Counterterrorism, and the Surveillance State

*** RESCHEDULED: from 21st June to 5th July ***
Due to industrial action on the transport network, we have moved the date of this event to Tuesday 5th July. Solidarity with the striking rail workers!

What impact has two decades’ worth of policing and counterterrorism had on the state of mind of Muslims in Britain? The Suspect draws on the author’s experiences to take the reader on a journey through British counterterrorism practices and the policing of Muslims.

Join Rizwaan Sabir and Tarek Younis for discussion on the traumatising effects of Sabir’s surveillance, arrest and detention for suspected terrorism.

Writing publicly for the first time about the impacts of these experiences, Sabir argues that these harmful outcomes are not the result of errors in government planning, but the consequences of using a counterinsurgency warfare approach to fight terrorism and police Muslims.

To resist the injustice of these policies and practices, we need to centre our lived experiences and build networks of solidarity and support.

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This is an in-person event with an option to livestream via Zoom. The venue is Brady Arts & Community Centre, 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1 5HU (map).

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Dr Rizwaan Sabir is a Lecturer in Criminology at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and author of The Suspect: Counterterrorism, Islam, and the Security State.

Dr Tarek Younis is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University. He researches and writes on Islamophobia, racism in mental health, and the securitisation of clinical settings. He teaches on the impact of culture, religion, globalization and security policies on mental health.