Alternative Training on Prevent in Healthcare #4

Alternative Training on Prevent in Healthcare #4 – Nov 24 2021

It is possible to create a society in which our collective safety and wellbeing are prioritised. Developing trusting, healthy relationships with all of our patients is essential to this work.

However, Prevent–with the government’s stated aim of identifying “vulnerability to radicalisation”–compromises all of this, and is a source of harm and increased marginalisation.

Why is the NHS the only healthcare system in the world with a legal obligation to engage with such a strategy? What aren’t you being told about Prevent in safeguarding training?

Join the fourth in our series of online Alternative Trainings on Prevent to learn more.

This training will seek to shed light on some unanswered questions about Prevent. We will hear from:

  • Latifa Akaywriter, producer and Head of Collective Care at Act Build Change. Prior to this, Latifa worked as Director of Education at Maslaha. She is a trustee at the Inclusive Mosque Initiative,
  • Ameena GP in east London, and a member of Medact’s Securitisation of Health group,
  • Mashal Iftikhar—a member of Medact’s Securitisation of Health Group and an NHS doctor training in psychiatry. She is passionate about health equity in mental illness and the intersection of criminal justice with mental health services.
  • & more to be announced!

This event is particularly aimed at people who work or are training in, study, or who have worked in health.

We are aware that some people may feel some concern or worry about attending the event. As such, we will be sending an email out to attendees prior to the event detailing how we will be seeking to make this event as safe and secure as possible.

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