Why are we sending out this brief?

Medact is looking to hire a web and CRM database developer to maintain and develop our WordPress website (www.medact.org) and our CiviCRM database from the start of 2023.

Medact is a campaigning charity that brings together health workers to fight for health justice. We recognise that health injustice is driven by political, social and economic conditions, so we mobilise the health community to take action to change the system.

We are looking to contract a freelancer or agency on retainer to maintain our core digital platforms, which were built in-house, to ensure that they work with maximum uptime, and to develop the platforms according to the needs of our campaigns and organisational operations.

About the contract

Between one and three days per month in total, for an individual or agency, for six months (with the possibility of extension beyond six months).

It’ll be up to you when in the month you spend time working with us with our agreement (for example you could dedicate set days in your calendar with some hours left over for emergency maintenance, or spread hours across the month). We would expect you to be available within 24hrs in the case of a serious incident (website down).

Location: Fully flexible, working remotely entirely would be fine, but you would also be welcome to use Medact’s office for the days you work with us.

Your role

  • Maintain our WordPress website, ensuring it is secure and up to date without breaking modules
  • Maintain our CiviCRM database, including the Drupal back end, ensuring both are secure, functional and up to date
  • Develop both platforms on the basis of a monthly sprint cycle, with development priorities provided by us
  • Provide emergency maintenance, troubleshooting and problem solving when critical incidents occur
  • Maintain both platforms on our Azure servers
  • Provide estimates on development time, deliver to deadline and keep us up to date on budget spent
  • Help to design new page templates and features, working with us
  • Advise on current industry best practices to help us prioritise development

Our role

  • Gather user data and set priorities for development, proving monthly sprint briefs
  • Co-design new page templates and features, working with you
  • Deliver feedback and content to you in a timely manner
  • Administrate user accounts
  • Upload and maintain web content
  • Manage contacts and lists within the database
  • Routine CRM tasks e.g. sending emails, building basic petition and event pages
  • Provide training to staff on the platforms
  • Provide access to our existing web and database servers
  • Provide copy, photography, branding guidelines and current core assets as required

Your skills and experience


  • Experience maintaining and developing a tailored CiviCRM installations
  • Experience maintaining, and developing custom WordPress sites
  • Experience with server management and maintenance, ideally with Microsoft Azure
  • Time and deadline management
  • Understanding of best practices for accessible web development


  • Experience of working with Divi for WordPress
  • Working with progressive charities or grassroots
  • Values in line with those of Medact
  • Graphic and/or user experience design for the web

Our budget

Our budget window for this project is £500 to £1000 per month (including VAT), for between one and three days of your time.


  • Deadline for submissions: 9am on Monday 21st November 2022
  • Successful applicant will be notified by Friday 25th November 2022
  • Start contract on week commencing 9th January 2023
  • Review contract by the week commencing 13th June 2023

How to apply

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] by 9am on Monday 21st November 2022 with:

  • why the project interests you and a short description how you might manage the contracted days
  • details of which specific skills you can bring
  • your day rate (including VAT)
  • some examples of past work

Competitive pricing will be taken into account when we choose between candidates but will not be the sole deciding factor.

We also invite applications with adjusted roles or budgets if the specified contract is not feasible within your day rate but you believe the aims are still deliverable.