IPPNW holds Minute of Silence for victims of terror and war

Minute’s silence, Monday 16th of November 2015 11:00 GMT

At its London meeting, the Board of Directors of IPPNW decided to join the minute’s silence in remembrance of the victims of terror and war, which was held all across Europe mindful of the dreadful acts of violence in France.

In our silence, the Board explicitly included all the victims of hostility: in Syria and the whole of the Middle East as well as in France and the rest of the world. We mourn the more than a million victims of the War on Terror as much as we mourn the victims of fanaticism of any kind.

At a time when humanity is confronted with the possibility of its own extinction, not only but predominantly by the threat posed by the thousands of nuclear weapons, humankind must now step out of the spiral of bloodshed and violence and live in peace. Humankind con only survive through cooperation, not by violence.