Medsin Students: Would you like to visit Kazakhstan?

Medact is offering a bursary to a Medsin student to attend a Congress in Astana, Kazakhstan in the last week of August this year. The Congress is organised by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)

‘Forging a Path to Peace, Health and Nuclear Abolition’.


Aug 8-24  Medical Student bike ride from Semey to Astana ( 750 Km)

Aug 25-26  Medical Student Congress

Aug 27-29 Main Congress

speakers include Hon  Angela  Kane UN Rep on Disarmament Affairs and Jacques Villatz ICRC Head for Central Asia

Aug 30  Post Congress Tour.

More details on the IPPNW Website

If interested in the bursary please contact Dr E Waterston at elizabethwaterston43 [at] gmail [dot] com