Fracking report and letter to Lancashire Council

Medact is currently producing an expert position paper on the health effects of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the UK. The report will examine the evidence on fracking: its safety, its direct impact on health and the wider social, ecological and economic impacts and the threat presented by greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

This report is needed because of the absence of an authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the health-related costs and risks associated with fracking. Previous reviews by Public Health England (PHE) and a separate health impact assessment completed by Lancashire Country Council (LCC) are incomplete and narrow in their scope.Although Medact’s position paper will not be published until February 2014, Medact Director Dr David McCoy has written a letter to LCC expressing his view that Cuadrilla’s planning application for exploratory wells at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood should not be granted. Under current circumstances, these applications pose unacceptable risks to the health and well-being of local residents.

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