Medact releases first briefing on the science of climate change

The first of three Medact reports on climate science.

Health professionals are not climate scientists.

But climate science is of profound importance to health professionals. Global warming is already having a significant negative impact on human health; it threatens to be an overwhelming danger to human health in the coming decades.

For this reason, health professionals – especially those working in the field of health policy and public health protection – need some understanding of climate science as a basis for their active and assertive engagement in policy debates about how we respond to global warming.

Over the coming months, Medact will be producing a series of further reports that will cover the findings of WG1 and WG2; as well as reports on the potential roles of nuclear and renewable energy. The health community will need to be a part of the change required at a wider societal level – both in the UK and globally.

Click here to download the full report


Medact Chair, Dr David McCoy, has written two companion blogs for the first report. The first blog is critical of Owen Paterson: Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The second on the well funded science of climate denalism.