Ancestral knowledge that cares for Mother Earth

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We are guardians of life embracing the Küme Mongen (“Good Living”). Twinned people, linked to the gifts of plants, given in gratitude and reciprocity. We are a circle that equalizes, that reactivates ancestral memories and strengthens us for the care of land, of water, of seeds.

We are rhizomes: we don’t know how many, but we always sprout here and there.
We are insects: we buzz and bite annoyingly, but we also kiss the flowers and suck their sweetness. We do ant work, and we also fly like dandelion seeds to spread everywhere.

And although a dignified anger is so often the engine that moves us, we prefer to do our part from joy and pleasure. Just like that … quiet and constant, for about twenty years of adventures and collective meetings. Health!

From ancestral Mapuche territory – Jarilla Network of Healthy Plants of Patagonia

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November 6, 2021

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