Health Workers for Palestine

Health workers marching behind a banner that reads 'Targeting healthcare is a war crime #NotATarget'. Another banner is flying in the background that reads 'Health workers for a free Palestine'
Photo: Mohamed Ibrahim Metawe

Medact has long stood for the rights of the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation, as we stand with all peoples seeking freedom from violent oppression.

Throughout the escalation of violence in late 2023, we have been calling for a ceasefire and demanding that the UK government ends its complicity in the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by ending all arms sales to Israel and ending diplomatic support for the bombardment.

We explicitly call for the UK government to respect the right to boycott and abandon its legislation to outlaw Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, a non-violent movement which seeks to pressure Israel to comply with international law in the face of decades of inaction by the international community.

Israel in its bombardment has committed crimes against international law including the targeting of health facilities and killing of health workers, which have appalled people around the world yet Israel continues to act with impunity from the world powers including the UK.

Health workers in the UK have stepped up in this crisis and shown their solidarity! They are demanding that government and health institutions do all they can to bring about peace. We have supported independent groups of health workers who have been organising and mobilising, applying pressure on institutions, holding powerful demonstrations and forming health worker blocs at the national marches for Palestine.

How you can take action

On this page, we’ve collated the ways health workers in the UK can act. If you would like to suggest updates or additions to this page, please email [email protected].

Protests, demonstrations and marches

Join health blocs at the National Marches for Palestine organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

Health care workers for Palestine (HCWP) is a non-partisan coalition of health care workers, NGOs/agencies & organisations taking action for Palestine. They hold weekly vigils every Friday in 17 UK cities and some international locations.

Health Workers for a Free Palestine is an independent group of health workers organising in response to the call from colleagues in Palestine to stand with them in solidarity.

Health workers marching outside Parliament at night behind a banner that reads "Ceasefire now; Stop Arming Israel; End the Occupation"

Model Motion for Health Trade Unions, Open Letters & Petitions

Position Statements from UK Health Unions and Organisations

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