Fossil Fuel Divestment


Climate change is affecting the health of both people and the planet right now.  It will affect the most fundamental determinants of health: water, food, air and which infectious diseases we are exposed to.  This is something that health bodies around the world have sought to highlight time and again through statements, declarations and calls to action.

Fossil Free Health

– a campaign run jointly by Medact and Healthy Planet UK calling on the UK health community to divest from fossil fuels. 

Medact are working with the major health institutions in the UK to take this commitment further by divesting from the fossil fuel industry. As a community committed to improving health worldwide, we hope that organisations such as the Royal Colleges and the Wellcome Trust, will remove their investments from an industry whose very business model threatens to completely undermine human and planetary health. The Fossil Free Health campaign enjoyed its first success in June 2014, when the British Medical Association committed to divest from fossil fuels. On October 22nd, 2016, the World Medical Association passed a resolution calling on their members and health organisations worldwide to divest from fossil fuels, and reinvest in organisations upholding environmental principles. Divesting will send an important message to the world that climate change is real and requires immediate preventative action through a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and rapid transition to a zero-carbon world. Such changes may be considered disruptive and difficult, but are necessary and will benefit human health and well-being both in the short term and in the years and decades to come.

 “We should push our own organisations to divest from fossil fuel industries completely and as quickly as possible, reinvest in renewable energy sources, and move to “renewable” energy suppliers.”

– Editorial in the British Medical Journal, 26th March 2014

For more information on what divestment is, why it’s important and how it works, and to get involved, read our report Unhealthy Investments and visit the campaign site

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