Ask the North Yorkshire Pension Fund to stop investing in fossil fuels and damaging health

The North Yorkshire Local Government Pension Fund is investing millions of pounds in the fossil fuel industry. This is fuelling the climate crisis and doing huge damage to human health. If you live in North Yorkshire and work in health then please consider signing this letter calling on the Fund to stop investing in fossil fuels.

Medact Cornwall

We are currently a small but enthusiastic group of health care professionals who are keen to effect change in our local community. Most of our interests lie in sustainable healthcare, climate change and divestment. We are aiming to organise a sustainable healthcare...

Fighting for intergenerational justice – midwives can be climate champions

Alison Reid urges midwives to get involved in the fossil fuel divestment movement as a means of acting on climate change. Babies being born today face a future marred by climate breakdown if we do not act urgently. Climate action is far more than an environmental concern – it’s a matter of intergenerational justice and crucial to protect human health.