Guppi Bola is currently Interim-Director at Medact.

She has worked as a consultant for many years, supporting organisations in their campaigns and research work around social justice. She has held campaigns and organiser roles in Oxfam GB, New Economics Foundation, New Economy Organisers Network and Quakers in Britain. Most recently she led a programme of work at Joint Council for Welfare of Immigrants on healthcare charging.

Her academic background is in public health and professional work has focused on economic justice and climate action. She is co-founder of the student-led movement Healthy Planet, and organised with junior doctors during the 2011 NHS reforms as Big Society NHS.

She is an organiser and educator who has a passion for supporting groups through meaningful transformative social change. Guppi uses her skills and expertise of economic to develop knowledge on systems change strategies.

Fun fact! Guppi led 40,000 people through London on a climate march atop a chip-fat fuelled double decker bus.