Climate & Environment

According to the Lancet-UCL Commission on Climate Change and Health, climate change could be “sufficient to trigger a discontinuity in the long-term progression of humanity” and “incompatible with an organised global community”.

Yet in spite of this – and the growing consensus around the facts of anthropogenic global warming – greenhouse gas emission rates continue to rise and the likelihood of preventing a two degree increase in average temperatures is quickly diminishing.

In recent years, Medact’s work in this programme has focused on educating the health community about the science of climate change and the threats posed to human health via sea level rise, extreme weather events and loss of agricultural productivity. In addition, we have been supporting the global fossil fuel divestment movement; promoting a transition towards more sustainable forms of food production and consumption; and enabling a more informed debate about what a healthy energy policy would look like.

We aim to promote alternative visions of social and economic development that are consistent with human, environmental and planetary health.

We work for a healthy planet and climate protection.

We challenge the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, including campaigning for renewable energy.

We promote sustainable consumption.


The Chancellor has a chance to protect children’s lungs in his budget this month. Let’s make sure it happens.

We’ve got to get diesel cars off our roads to protect everyone’s health. Philip Hammond is under pressure to deliver a bold budget this month, and we want to make sure he takes action on air pollution. We’re calling on him to increase road tax on new diesel cars, and use the money for a diesel scrappage scheme that supports people on low incomes.

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