We are a campaign group for people who work in health that recognise and want to champion the benefits of cycling for everyday journeys.

Increasing physical activity will improve the overall health of many of our patients. Reducing the number of short journeys made by polluting vehicles on our roads will help to clean up our air dangerously unhealthy air, improve congestion in our cities and a reduction in emissions will help to tackle climate change.

Our mission is to make cycling more accessible to people of all ages, genders, abilities, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. We want more people to have access to a bike, a safe route for their journey and secure bike parking.

Prescription for safe cycling is a volunteer led campaign group that is part of the public health campaigning organisation Medact and is supported by national cycle campaign groups.

Why Cycling?

There is compelling evidence from The Netherlands and Denmark that when safe cycling infrastructure is built the number of journeys undertaken by bike increases dramatically. Increased time spent cycling per week has been demonstrated in prospective studies to reduce T2DM and reduce diagnosis of cancer by 45% and all cause mortality by 40%.

How to get involved

Prescription for Safe Cycling is convened by Mrs Cleo Kenington, Emergency & Major Trauma Surgeon at St George’s Hospital, London.

Our work at St. George’s – The campaign recognises that many NHS workers currently do not cycle due to poor facilities at hospitals and health centres to support active commuting. We are working with St George’s Hospital and with Cycling bodies like Sustrans London Cycle Campaign and Transport for London to develop a framework to help enable and encourage a higher proportion of staff to use active transport, especially cycling. If you are interested in improving facilities at your trust please get in touch.

Anyone who works in health can get involved – fill out the form below to join our mailing list to keep updated with opportunities for action and meetings. We would love to hear from you if you would like to take an active role in this group. Email safecycling@medact.org

Membership is freely open to all health professionals; new members are welcome. Whenever issues arise for discussion and action, members keep in touch by telephone, email and Skype.

To find out more about the work of the group and joining please complete the form at the end of this page.

You can also follow us on Twitter – @DoctorsSafe