Medact and Migrants Organise are looking to hire a web designer to design and create the web templates for a new WordPress site that will consolidate our Patients Not Passports campaign web presence.

The Patients Not Passports campaign (PnP) is a collaborative project between Medact, Migrants Organise and Docs Not Cops. We organise alongside health workers, migrant communities, patients, and NHS campaigners to resist the introduction of racist immigration policies in the NHS as part of the Hostile Environment. We are looking to consolidate, streamline, and improve the look of our online presence, which is currently formed of a number of disconnected web pages and sites:

Project aims

  • To create a Patients Not Passports WordPress site to consolidate and renew the campaign’s content
    • Must be clear, accessible and on-brand
    • Must also integrate with our CiviCRM webforms
    • Page templates must be set up to be straightforward to edit for content editors without using markup
    • Must have events signup pages
  • To condense and simplify the content that is currently situated in various platforms
  • To create a clear journey to join or get involved with the campaign and take key actions

Your role

  • Design and code a WordPress theme with page templates for the site according to the structure we have created (approximately 4 to 5 different page types include homepage, basic pages and events)
  • Work with us to tailor our draft site map, branding, copy, and core assets to best suit the overall design of the site
  • Upload key content and ensure this fits page template designs
  • Design templates so that content is as easy as possible to edit by non-technical backend users
  • Ensure the design meets WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard 

Our role

  • Provide initial draft site map, copy, photography, branding guidelines and current core assets
  • Setup the WordPress hosting of the site, as well as integrations with our CiviCRM and analytics platforms
  • Manage the design and build process ensuring we keep within budget
  • Deliver feedback and content to you in a timely manner
  • Upload bulk of content to non-key pages
  • Maintain and develop the site further as required
  • Promote and communicate about the website post-launch 


  • Deadline for submissions 9am Monday 30th May
  • Successful applicant notified by 10th June 2022
  • Start design and development no later than w/c 20th June 2022
  • Final rounds of feedback and edits to happen within August 2022
  • A working, public version of the site with all content uploaded by September 2022

Our budget

Our budget window for this project is £7000 – £9000 (including VAT).

How to apply

If you are interested, email [email protected] by 9am on Monday 30th May including:

  • why the project interests you and a short description of how you would approach it
  • details of which specific skills you can bring
  • estimated costings (relative to our budget of £7000 – £9000)
  • some samples of past work

Competitive pricing will be taken into account when we choose between candidates but will not be the sole deciding factor.

We also invite applications with adjusted deliverables and/or budgets if this project is not feasible within your day rate.

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