We are looking to commission some graphic design expertise to complete a number of pieces of work for our new Health for a Green New Deal campaign.

We have broken the work into a number of chunks, and would be happy working with the same person for the lot or different people for specific bits. The main thing we want is top visual skills and experience of working on a  fresh, people-powered progressive project.

If you are interested in any or all of the below items of work, please send an email to robabrams@medact.org with:

  • a note about which item(s) you would be interested in completing
  • a couple sentences about why the project interests you / how you would approach
  • some samples of past work.

If you think we have mis-costed anything please let us know, but we may not be able to move much within our project budget!

ITEM 1: Animated video setting out the health case for green jobs. 

We want to produce a 1-2 minute animated video that demonstrates the public health case for the creation of new green jobs by following the day-to-day routine of a nurse. 

We have an initial script but are looking for an animator to help us finish the script and then do the animation.

We’re looking for someone to capture visually the positive, people-powered atmosphere of our campaign ─ not too heavy or serious, possibly a hand-drawn cartoon style


  • Support us to finalise the script
  • Workshop the visual style with our member group
  • Make the animation!


  • To start: ASAP – to be completed by 19th March. 


  • ~£750

ITEM 2: Design and layout – briefing on Public Health and the Green New Deal.


  • Layout & design of a 20pp research publication
  • May include designing 1-2 graphs TBC
  • Source images for the design


  • To start: 1st March –
  • To be completed by 1st April.


  • £300-500
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