We are looking for a Research Manager to join our team 3 days per week

Medact’s mission is to support healthcare workers and health professionals from all disciplines to work together towards a world in which everyone can truly achieve and exercise their human right to health.  We do this through research and evidence-based campaigning for solutions to the social, political and economic structures that damage health, deepen health inequalities and threaten peace and security.

This post will play the central role in ensuring  quality in our research practice, and in making sure all the research we do helps to advance our strategic campaigning aims.  Over the next two years we will be engaging in research on a variety of issues, including but likely not limited to:

  • The Prevent duty in the health service and the effects on patients and health workers;
  • The impacts of NHS 2015 and 2017 charging regulations for overseas visitors and migrants;
  • The impacts of conflict, environmental issues and socio-political inequity on health in the UK and abroad;
  • The corporate and political forces that are preventing action on air pollution
  • Qualitative research on what key social justice issues are most important to health professionals, to inform the implementation of our movement-building strategy

The Research Manager will hold the key research expertise in the organisation, and lead on a significant proportion of our research work and guiding colleagues on other parts. They will be responsible for ensuring that all the research we publish is high-quality, ethical and – crucially – helps to move our campaigning agenda forwards.

About you

You are a dynamic and resourceful researcher, who can work on multiple issues at the same time. As a researcher, you consider intersectionality a key approach to exploring a subject area – and you commit to this practice as you work with others. You have an understanding of how to manage the sensitive nature of our research. This is particularly important in those projects that identify the impact of structural barriers to health equity and justice on vulnerable communities such as; undocumented people, migrants, people of colour communities, and those living with mental health conditions. You have experience and a strong understanding of solidarity work with the Global South solidarity work, and actively build this into your analysis, strategy and narrative.

JD + Person Spec


How to apply

To apply, please send:

  • a CV (removing your age/education and including two references)
  • a one page description on why you’re keen to join us, and how you feel you fit the role

to jobs@medact.org by 11.59pm, Monday 22nd April 2019

Please also complete a copy of our monitoring form.

Medact aims to be an inclusive and supportive employer, so we recognise that recruitment processes don’t work for everyone. We acknowledge that people from certain backgrounds are under-represented in the NGO sector, particularly in senior roles and we’re committed to doing what we can to correct this. We are particularly keen to receive applications from people of colour; people with disabilities; people who identify as being LGTBQIA; people who have a mental health condition; and people who identify as working class or have a working class background. If you have any questions or uncertainties about this position, and whether you are right for it, please do get in touch.


Medact's work is carried out by staff, volunteers, members and in collaboration with a wide network of partner organisations and individuals.

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